Common Handgun Malfunctions

Common Handgun Malfunctions

Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic Review

As we all know high quality optics aren’t necessary for every weapon, nor are they needed by every operator. Optics improve certain weapons a lot when they are used extensively. Winchester lever action weapons can just work with their plain old iron sights for instance, while weapons like the AR15/M16 simply beg for a good optics device to sit on them. Just looking good with an accessory like optic devices can happen with just any cheap thing you can buy anywhere for a few dozen dollars. To be sure you actually have the optics device that will turn your AR15 into the best weapon it can be you should rely on a name like Aimpoint. Read More

Magpul PMAG Allegedly Copied by Four Companies

Magpul, a known designer, manufacturer and distributor of firearms and accessories primarily for AR-15 and M16 rifles, sued four companies for copyright infringement. These four companies namely Big Rocks Sports/Swamfox, Cole Industries, Plinker Tactical, and Promag allegedly violated the copyright of the successful Magpul PMAG design.

According to Magpul, this action is part of the proactive efforts to prevent unlawful copying of their product.

Patent and Infringement
Before delving into the details, it must be clarified what are the established ownership rights of corporations and how can these be infringed or violated.

Basically, copyright and patent protects the originality of the item. Copyright is used for artistic and literary work while patent on the other hand is used in invented items. A patent is only applicable for a limited duration. This can be obtained by applying to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in exchange for introducing the invention to the public. Currently, patent has a term of 20 years from the day the application was filed.

If your item is patented, it means no duplication of any sort can be done without your permission. Doing so means, you are committing infringement. It is to note however, that US patent is only effective within US soil.

Their Brand Name Means a Great Deal of Trust
For Duane Liptak, the Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul Industries, the patent is a driving force for the company to further “create novel solution that will enhance the experience of their customer in using the brand”.

More than that, the patent assures customers that each and every Magpul PMAG was given the same amount of expertise when it was made. Meaning, whether you buy it to Magpul directly or to one of its trusted seller, the brand assures you that the item underwent a great deal of quality inspection.

Thus, if Magpul ceases to enforce its copyright to the item, any company will be able to make the same ‘design’, but cannot assure the same quality. Not only can it cause harm to the user, it can also tarnish the long-standing name of Magpul.

The Lawsuits
The lawsuits were filed in the United States District Court of Colorado. As to this date, it was estimated that this lawsuit is probably the largest and most significant for Magpul Industries.

At first glance, one can really notice the resemblance to the Magpul PMAG. If the sued companies argue that the outer appearance does not exactly resemble the patent of Magpul, it is to note that the patent of Magpul for the rifle is more than the body and housing of the magazine. The patent also involves the inside of the magazine such as the anti-tilt rails or the spring shape.

As for lawsuits, Magpul is not new in this business. They have already faced courts both as the defense and as a prosecutor. Magpul has already lawyered up to fight patent infringement of their own. They have been sought damages by other companies for stepping on someone else’s patent toe.

Whether or not the Magpul PMAG patent infringement will win the case, the mere notion of Magpul filing a case of infringement already gives an idea to other companies that Magpul takes their patent seriously.


Before you use a rifle scope

One who goes to hunting surely carries a rifle scope without which he cannot shoot any animal properly. But before choosing the rifle scope one should follow few things which are very crucial to consider as without following these you may cause damage to yourself.

Get the correct one
Face the animal with a best rifle scope as you have a number of options and choices. The function of any scope is to help aim, it gives an idea of the distance from the target. It allows you to more easily as they have an outstanding optics along with a high quality and a very accurate instrument which is very light. Also a rifle scope must possess few good features of the adjustment and the quality of the optics. The optical lens should be multi coated so that they help us have a brighter image and help in reducing the reflections that cause glare and even gather the light. Accuracy of the target is the thing which is to be considered as you may use a powerful gun over a great distance. Also before buying one for your use see that it is water tight, fog proof and sealed tightly so that you can have a better result even in a long run. One should also see that certain scopes will go with particular surface. The thread of these is being placed in a proper manner for a better result.

Few benefits
Hunting scope comes with a number of benefits if you check with few things properly. The caliber of your rifle its weight and a few more are to be considered. Considering all these features and buying a rifle supports you by shooting accurately. Before you purchase see the durability along with the one which offer a clear image also with a feature of adjusting. All these make hunting scope a better one to serve you in the hunting. If any one of these is not proper then you may not be clear in your approach and it may lead to a kind of damage.
Every hunting scope requires the image clarity as you need to see your target to shoot you should have one with a better resolution. Choose the right size of the lens and the bigger the lens you can see all the images in that direction clearly. Even check for the one which is durable and this is usually based on the type of material you choose to be.
Get the correct equipment of hunting scope from a professional hunting store so that you can get everything you want to enjoy the hunt.

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic Assessment

Developing a weapon nowadays has not been so difficult thanks to the various technologies available today. Moreover, with the uprising knowledge about technology, weapons like guns and other gadgets had improved their performance immensely. Take for instance, using a gun with an aim point is so much better than one that does not have this accessory. This gear may appear useless or too little to sum, but for gun enthusiasts, aim points are truly valuable.

One of the most profound improvements on guns is the use of scopes. Scopes are considered as high technology breakthroughs and one such example would be the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic. If you are looking to engage in firearms, then it would be worthy to look for something that is “tacti-cool” and these scopes are your best bet.

The Red-Dot and Its Use in an AR-15/M4
In the world of firearms, Aimpoint sights has been recognized well by the use of outstanding red-dot signs in scopes. The Aimpoint Pro got even bigger with the amazing feature that was designed for welfare and technology. Thus, making people believe that this was even more compact and precise.

With this PRO or the Patrol Rifle Optic, the red-dot sight was created to elevate a better performance in shooting at an aim point. And with this, the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic review has also elevated front iron sights as well. It is said that the dot can cover up a distance of 100 yards. Is it not amazing and astonishing?!

This improved technology for Aimpoint Pro has been designed functionally with an aluminium tube. Upon creating it, the rear cover is made up of a clear window and its lenses are hinged that it provides a better way of sniping things and objects. As a good review for this Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic, one open eye will see the target while the other looks at the capped sight. The dot will run automatically because the Aimpoint Pro is always on.

Another review of this Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic creation is a better understanding that its lens is constructed to protect the shooter and everything surrounding it. Moreover, it will make the scope easier to use on the battlefield. Lastly, the link covers are very useful in all of its knobs.

What else is good?
A red dot sight is considered a function that is easy to manage. Another thing about the red dot sight is its function to lessen the inconsistency of its target acquisition.

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic on a simple glance only slightly moves its point of impact. Therefore, it will make a shooter or sniper see their target on a faster pace. In addition, people using the AR-15/M4 with the red dot needs to make sure that both eyes are open on the target because the gun is considered only on the list of short and medium range weapons. Lastly, Aimpoint Pro has been a favorite of individuals in the world and provided with good feedb

Aimpoint T1: Focusing on the target

The Aimpoint Red Dot Sight can be fitted on the rifle in an easy and hassle free way. It has a rugged sealed and reflexive optic that can easily magnify the target by many notches and focus on the red dot. Device is equipped with battery which has a long life apart from the slick aesthetic shape of the optics. The sawed down 40mm optics is equipped with few knobs and the battery compartment is available containing good looking mounts. Aimpoint T1is different from its predecessors in terms of design.

The item is slippery and is trimmed version of the Comp M4 which was launched in the past. Aimpoint Microis the cross fit counterpart because it is sleeker and more rugged than all the other products. The tight 2 MOA dot is enough to focus on the target. Body of the optics is made of anodized exuded high strength aluminum which provides great durability over a period of time. The whole compartment is sealed and it can be submerged in the 80 ft of water. As far as temperature range is concerned, the device is quite versatile and can withstand -50 to 160 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It can be used in different climatic environment without any hassles. The device is covered with non reflective matte black and sports a logo that attracts the attention of the people.

Lens is beautifully coated with emerald and ruby which is responsible for removing any interference from the outside light sources.

The performance of the product is impeccable because it is equipped with 4 night vision setting along with 8 brightness settings. They are able to gradually focus on the target with sufficient brightness. 2 MOA models are available however 4MOA is also present for the users. If you want to take long shots from the rifle, it is quite useful and also in the darkness, it shoots very well due to the brightness options available. In bright daylight, multiple target acquisition is mighty effective and the task could be accomplished in an easy and hassle free way. Brightness dial could be adjusted with or without gloves. The markings are clear to provide the information for turning the stippled knob end.

Apart from above, the windage and the elevation adjustment captivated the imagination due to the design engineering. Each product has adjustment tools in the box and could prove to be added accessories for the users. Locking lever can be easily adjusted over the rifle.

SCOTUS takes up another federal criminal gun case while dodging bigger Second Amendment contentions

SCOTUS takes up another federal criminal gun case while dodging bigger Second Amendment contentions

The Supreme Court this morning granted review on a technical federal gun crime issue, but denied review on a Second Amendment case looking to figure out the reach of SCOTUS rulings in Heller and McDonald .

Gun range plans approved: Wildlife Commission partnership formed, price tag for project unclear

Earlier this week, county commissioners voted in support of a memorandum that partnered the county and the Wildlife Resource Commission to construct a public shooting range.

Commissioners vote to allow concealed guns in Tanglewood park

David Jeannot tells us about the vote by the Forsyth county board of commissioners to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns in Tanglewood park.

Outfitting Your Rifle: We Try Triggers, Stocks, and Magazines

Outfitting Your Rifle: We Try Triggers, Stocks, and Magazines
In the September 2013 issue we tested three of the AR-15 rifle types, and found some limitations among them. For example, we replaced the horrid trigger in the Bushmaster Carbon-15 with one of the excellent Geissele (pronounced GUYS-lee) SSA-E triggers. That trigger was such a revelation we immediately wanted to replace the triggers in the other two with the aftermarket ones on hand, but waited until now to try them.

NAGR Tan TShirt

NAGR Tan TShirt

Recommended for the Range
Gun Tests readers dig into head-to-head rifle tests to see if a big-ticket item is something they may want to buy. But there are always some less-expensive products that we use during firearms testing which deserve mention when they deliver a lot utility for the buck. Here are three accessories used in the July 2013 CZ 527 Special Report and the September 2013 17 HMR story we thought were worth the money.




Mossberg 500 is the name of a series of pump shotguns which are manufactured by OF Mossberg and sons. It is a quite popular series of shotguns and has been used since 1961 by both the military and law enforcement agencies of the United States and many other countries. The shotguns are marketed as multipurpose firearms and hence have a wide variety of accessories. In this article we shall have a look in detail at some of the Mossberg 500 accessories.


The vast variety of Mosberg 500 accessories enables users to make a large number of configurations to the shotgun. In fact, with the correct accessories ,the same model of shotgun can transform into a slug gun, a field gun, trap gun and a defensive weapon as well. Here is a list of the available accessories:-

  1. Line Launcher Kit
    A line launcher kit increases the range substantially. It makes use of a blank cartridge which propels a shaft with a floating head and a light rope attached to it. Company trials claim a range of 330 feet with the floating head on and a range of 700 feet with the non floating long range head.
  2. Mossberg 500 Forearms and rails
    Forearms are one of the more popular Mossberg 500 accessories and hence are commonly available. The price range depends on the type and the model used. The common ones include the pica tinny forearm.
  3. Mossberg 500 Scope mounts
    Scope mounts are important accessories as they channel the recoil away from mounting screws. They’re also available fairly commonly and price range is from as low as $12 to $50.Below is an image of a Mossberg 500 scope mount:-
  4. Mossberg 500 Shell holders
    Shell holders enable the user to keep extra shotgun shells. This is also one of the most popular Mossberg 500 accessories and is separately designed for right handed and left handed users and it also provides a stronger grip. Below is an image of a holder attached to stock:-
  5. Mossberg 500 Sights
    Sights are accessories that enable the user to take aim more proficiently in low light conditions as well as normal conditions. They include light pipers in different colors like red, pink, green. Some shotguns are also compatible with ghost ring sights.
  6. Mossberg 500 Stocks
    Stocks are perhaps the most popular Mossberg 500 accessories as they offer a greater degree of customization. Varieties range from side folding stocks to stocks attached with forehands. The price depends on the type and the model of the shotgun used. Below is an image of a typical position stock used in Mossberg 500:-

Besides the above mentioned accessories, other accessories include slings, grips, laser sights and a customizable range of spotting scopes.