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NAGR Gray TShirt

Smith & Wesson Issues Safety Recall for M&P Shield Pistols

Smith & Wesson Issues Safety Recall for M&P Shield Pistols

Smith & Wesson has issued a major consumer safety alert for all M&P Shield Pistols manufactured before August 19, 2013.

G&A Basics: The Science of Hearing Protection

It is estimated about one in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects the ability to understand normal speech.

Governor Quinn (IL) signs new gun law, crime victims hardest hit

Actually, this law wasn’t intended to punish crime victims, that’s the result of an ideology that demonizes legal gun owners-even to the point that they are considered more dangerous than violent sexual predators with known criminal records: On Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed Illinois House Bill 1189, a law that will, among other things, impose … (more)

How to Mount a Rifle Scope

How to Mount a Rifle Scope

Riflescope says about your favorite rifle which you may use for hunting from peak stand or in rough terrain. It’s equipped with optical technology with diamond cat 2 lens coating, twilight lens system, waterproofing and with cryogenically adjusting system.

To mount a riflescope, you need first to have a clean, well lit area.  Next you are to remove filler screws which is on top of your receiver and have a properly fitted screwdriver. Make degreased the holes and all scope mount parts. Then rub a light coat of oil on the top of the receiver and the bottoms of the bases or rings. Install the bases using Loctite or oil. Tighten securely.

Next, you are to take car ofinstalling the bottom half of the rings onto the bases. You will have to assemble the top half or the upper half of the ring onto the bottom ring and place it in the base, and turn the ring by 90 degrees with a non-marring screwdriver. As it is a press fit, it can’t be done by hand. Remove the top halves of the rings and place your scope in the half-way of bottom ring. The scope requires falling at the bottom of both rings.
Next, you are to fix the alignment tool between the ring halves and rear rings until the pointed tips of the tool are almost touching. To clear up sight in the riflescope, you are to remove the bolt of your rifle if possible and look through the bore at a target placed at least 25 yards away and adjust your scope so your crosshairs are pointing at the target.

Now if you like, you may lap your rings. Lapping polishes the inside of your rings. Remove any sharp edges on rings that can scratch scopes. Lapping bars are the most important part of the firearm workspace and are inexpensive investments for a lifetime.

To adjust windage and elevation, you may tighten them securely with a properly sized screwdriver or wrench.  The adjustable rear base placed on a standard Leopold system has two opposing screws, these screws allow significant windage adjustments.

Finally, this is the time to level your crosshairs. It is full of fun in adjusting the crosshairs by eye. You’ll often have to loosen your ring screws to re-level several times till you are satisfied that the reticle remains straight. By tightening ring screws, your scope will move slightly one way or another. The top half of your ring screws need be tighten from one side to the other. Always try to keep the gap between the rings even. You need to tighten your ring screws properly but ensure the screws are not tightening enough to close this gap. Now riflescope is ready to shoot. Enjoy shooting


Augment The Way You Shoot With Aimpoint

Augment The Way You Shoot With Aimpoint

Aimpoint has turned out to be a global leader and creator of red dot sights. Aimpoint has worked closely with martial weapon systems, veteran hunters and sharpshooters all around the world for 35 years, after which this creator of red dot sights evolved as most sought-after choice of customers.

In the year 1974, some Swedish entrepreneurs laid down the foundation of a small group to explore different ways of improving shooting accuracy. Company’s goal was simple yet ambitious and it aimed at developing sighting technology to allow shooters accomplish their target with ease. Not only this, Aimpoint also endeavored to hit the moving targets consistently regardless of the lighting conditions and the weather.

Aimpoint left no stone unturned to garner success

In the very beginning, the Aimpoint knew very little about what they were doing, but gradually company revolutionized the entire industry of shooting and hunting. Aimpoint Electronic, the first commercial red dot sight product of company hit the market in the year 1975. Within few days, this evolutionary dot sight product gained popularity as the fastest and the most effective way to target firearm and reach to success. At present, there are around one million Aimpoint red dot sights in operation across the world.

What benefits can Aimpoint red dot sight ensure?

An Aimpoint gun sight improves and simplifies the process of shooting while coping up with the demands reliability, quality and the function. Shooting conditions brought about a significant increase in the demands lined up with the equipment. As far as accuracy is concerned, red dot sight has always been the first priority of shooters. This is because, you do not know when and where you can grab the opportunity of taking the best shot.

Aimpoint red dot sight is a must-have product

To reach to great heights of success, each shooter must know how to aim precisely and speedily under varying conditions. When on shooting range, you get sufficient time to target, but everything seems to be very fast in real situations. Bad weather, stress and rough terrain can test the skills of even the veteran marksman.
The red dot sight has been confirmed as the fastest reticle to hit target and offer the greatest rise in the shooting probability on the moving targets. Moreover, this single sight gives you autonomy to stay focused when it comes to hit the target. Shooting while keeping your eyes open probably means that you are focused on what is going on and can efficiently deal with evolving situations. Red dot sight is undoubtedly better than iron sights in manifold ways.

Aimpoint’s different kinds of demanding users include:

Hunters: hunters across the world have been using Aimpoint sights for years to take almost any sort of game.
Viable pistol shooters: Even the spirited pistol shooters performing on international platforms depend upon the exactitude of “rugged precision instruments”.
Military and policemen: Police forces and the military persons all around the globe have used red dot sights for 20 years.
In the year 1997, Aimpoint was honored with first military bond for red dot sight by U.S. Army. Since then, this Swedish group continued to deliver a considerable number of red dot sights to patrons like US Army, US SOCOM, Swedish Army, US Air Force, Danish Army, French Army, Italian Army and Finnish Army.

Bullet Points – May 17

Bullet Points – May 17
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Mossberg 500 Accessories

8/2/2010 4:38:28 PM EDT I originally had some problems with my 930 SPX. The front sight was slightly canted and the front sight was too low. I sent the barrel back to Mossberg 500 Accessories and they replaced the sight. My 930 SPX has eaten everything #7 shot, buck and Slugs from (Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady: both low recoil, regular and mangum) the only thing I had problems with is Fiocchi low recoil buck which is 100 FPS slower then other low-recoil rounds. FWIW, I paid $540.00 new on Gunbroker. I did some extra mods to mine: I lengthened and polished the forcing cone, had the barrel cut to accept Rem-chokes, bought Nordic Comp extensions (and currently waiting for my tritum LPA sights to come in). I originally wanted a Benelli M4 but after reading about BATF laws and the inability to add aftermarket extension tubes, pistol grips etc (because it is an import) I decided to go homegrown with Mossberg 500 Accessories. The Mossberg 500 Accessories may not leave the shop as nice as a Benelli or even a FN, but you can upgrade it to you own liking. After all the modifications, I still have less then a FN, and in my opnion a lot more versatile. ChickenDaddy10/18/2010 6:57:04 PM EDT